Delaware Counsel Services

Delaware is widely recognized as the preeminent forum for the determination of disputes involving the thousands of corporations and business entities formed under Delaware law. High-stakes corporate, patent, complex commercial, and bankruptcy cases are routinely filed, litigated, and resolved in Delaware’s state and federal courts.
The Delaware courts do not expect Delaware counsel to simply act as “local counsel” for out-of-state attorneys admitted pro hac vice and rubber stamp their filings and approve their conduct. As Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster stated: “Our rules make clear that the Delaware lawyer who appears in an action always remains responsible to the Court for the case and its presentation…Delaware counsel are expected to police the behavior of their out-of-state colleagues and ensure that out-of-state counsel understands the standards expected by Delaware Courts.”

As trial lawyers, we understand what is expected of all counsel beginning from the filing of a case through trial and, if necessary, an appeal. We have had the privilege of serving as Delaware counsel with some of the top firms in the country. We know that the client needs prompt, efficient, and responsive action from Delaware counsel who possesses a thorough knowledge of the rules and preferences of the Courts and Judges. The client does not want or need another “team” of attorneys, or another layer of expense as a result of a duplication of efforts.

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